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"Outrageous Fortune" Is Track of the Week on Acidtekno.com - July 7, 2014

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Why Learn to Beatmatch by Ear? - May 11, 2014

Or, why the sync button debate is not a simple yes/no (on/off?) question

We've seen a number of so-called practical reasons why relying on software to DJ is a bad idea. But perhaps the strongest reason, in our book, for beatmatching by ear is a more philosophical one: it's a great metaphor for life lived as an evolutionary or iterative process.


If the Next Song Is Boring, It Doesn't Matter How Good Your Mix Was - May 8, 2014

Or, How Techno Became Hipster

This seems to be a point lost on the newly-mainstreamed techno crowd. Seems self-explanatory, but perhaps not. Songs are “good” for a variety of reasons. Maybe they make you want to dance, they pull your attention along, they amuse you, they surprise you, they touch a memory, they have a particular instrument or voice or rhythm or melody that just gets you. Whatever it is. Techno is not immune to these things. People who have not spent all night at a warehouse in a beautifully non-sober state surrounded by other beings sharing love, life, and secrets may hear it as merely, how do you call it, dudes and ants?; but that's not, strictly speaking, true.


Terry Hunter Releases "We Are One" Track to Support Non-Profits Working with Youth to Combat Violence - September 24, 2013

One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to a number of groups in Chicago including Kids Off the Block, Chicago’s Citizens for Change, and the Hadiya Pendleton Foundation. It's currently charted at number 5 on Traxsource and the launch event will take place September 29 at the Shrine.

Amnesty International Calls on Obama to Commute Bradley Manning's Sentence to Time Served - August 21, 2013

Immediately following Judge Lind’s sentencing announcement that Bradley Manning would be imprisoned for 35 years,
Amnesty International issued a statement calling on President Obama to commute the sentence to time served.

Jimmy Carter: America Does Not Have a Functioning Democracy at this Point in Time - August 21, 2013

Former President Jimmy Carter announced support for NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden ... saying that his uncovering of the agency's massive surveillance programs had proven "beneficial."

Pete Tong: Vegas Won't Beat Ibiza - August 21, 2013

Is Vegas just an exit-through-the-gift-shop corruption of EDM, or what?

Backpack Music Festival! - August 3, 2013

Backpacks for kids and partying for a cause ... what an amazing day on the Isle! Massive respect to my friend J and everybody who made it possible!

Wedding! - July 25, 2013

Just got back from DJing our sister's wedding in Niagra Falls. The ceremony and reception were more than memorable. Congratulations to Doris and Tom! And blessings to Nicky and all who attended.